Afiliate & Partner

We’ve established our network, designed exclusively for you. As you may already know (or in case you don’t), we function as a free, travel-centric meta-search engine and comparison site. Our platform consolidates various travel services, allowing you to explore and compare multiple travel brands conveniently, clearly, and transparently.

We’ve forged partnerships with many of these businesses, making us their ‘affiliates.’ Through this collaboration, we can earn a commission. For instance, if you book an hotel room with one of our partner companies, we receive a percentage of that transaction for being the channel through which the sale occurred.

Partnering with the Best, Empowering You:
Our collaboration with various travel businesses and services follows a model that has stood the test of time, benefiting all three parties involved: you, us, and the companies themselves. While you may have some questions, we’ve addressed some of the most common ones below.

Doesn’t that mean I get charged a higher price to cover that?
Not. The prices you see are what anyone would be charged, regardless of how they arrived on that page (sometimes even cheaper). Our commission is derived strictly from a business’s income from the sale, akin to ‘profit-sharing.’

How do you select the brands you feature on your website?
This is a crucial question. We showcase brands and services by presenting them to you, and the services we offer must meet your expectations. We undergo a meticulous process before reaching out to or agreeing to partner with any business:

  • We ensure they are fully licensed and regulated to provide their services.
  • We scrutinize their online presence, reviewing entire websites and ratings and, where feasible, testing the service to guarantee a well-maintained, fully-optimized, and secure experience.
  • Customer support is a crucial consideration. If a business needs clear contact options, we question their commitment to customer expectations and reconsider featuring them on our platform.

Through this process, we have refined the recipe to filter the highest quality, reputable businesses in their respective sectors. We continually assess our partners to ensure they adhere to the standards that initially appealed to us.

Do you sell my data or information?
Not at all. We do not sell your information. You don’t need to enter personal details when you use our platform. If you choose to sign up for an account or newsletter, we prioritize the security of your information and collect the least amount necessary.

And Finally…
We take pride in our partners and the products they offer. Our primary focus is to promote them to you, aligning your needs with their exceptional services. Beyond that, we’ve expanded to provide original content, Barcelona guides, and style information to make your holiday-related in Barcelona searches exciting and inspiring. has much more in store! We aim to expand our affiliate partners into new areas, keeping the power in your hands. We aspire to be the search engine with personality and passion, delivering an honest service that benefits you.

If you want to know more about our commitments to you, please read our Visitor Policy.