Explore marine life at the Barcelona Aquarium, the perfect place for a family day out

The Barcelona Aquarium is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city. Located in the Old Port, this aquarium has many marine species worldwide, including sharks, rays, turtles, penguins and many others.

One of the aquarium’s most notable attractions is the underwater tunnel, where visitors can walk beneath a considerable water tank surrounded by sharks and other marine life. There is also an area dedicated to coral reefs and another that simulates a flooded forest.

The Barcelona Aquarium is an ideal place to visit with the family. It offers many interactive activities for children and adults, such as feeding the sharks or touching starfish and sea urchins. Additionally, the aquarium has an environmental conservation and education program to promote the protection of oceans and marine life.

In addition to the attractions mentioned above, the Barcelona Aquarium also has temporary exhibitions and special activities throughout the year. For example, in the “Blue World” exhibition, visitors can explore the marine biodiversity of the Canary Islands. In contrast, in the “Oceanario” exhibition, they can learn about the most emblematic marine species of the Mediterranean.

For those interested in learning more about marine life and environmental conservation, the Barcelona Aquarium offers courses and workshops for all ages. It also has a team of biologists and marine life experts who can answer questions and share their knowledge with visitors.

In addition, the Barcelona Aquarium is committed to sustainability and ocean conservation. The aquarium has implemented environmental practices in its daily management, such as waste reduction and using renewable energy. Additionally, it collaborates with international marine conservation organizations and projects to promote the protection of oceans and marine life.


The Barcelona Aquarium is a unique and fascinating place that offers the whole family an educational and exciting experience. With its wide variety of marine species, exhibitions and interactive activities, it is an essential destination for those visiting Barcelona. Furthermore, its commitment to sustainability and marine conservation makes it a role model for other similar centers.