Transport Titles in Barcelona – Which one to choose?

If you plan to travel through the beautiful city of Barcelona, you will surely need to know everything about the “Transportation Title in Barcelona.” A public transportation system that will allow you to move from one place to another quickly, economically and efficiently.

This complete guide will provide all the information you need to use the Transportation Ticket in Barcelona, including its types, prices, schedules and much more. So take advantage of this vital information to fully enjoy your visit to Barcelona!

Guide to the different transport tickets for tourists in Barcelona

Single tickets: The Barcelona single transport ticket is a ticket that allows you to travel on the city’s public transport. With this ticket, you can use buses, subways, and trams if you do not transfer.

  • Advantages: They are easy to acquire and can be used anytime.
  • Disavantages: They are more expensive than other transportation tickets and do not allow transfers.

T-Casual: This transportation title is ideal if you plan to use public transportation occasionally. With it, you can make ten trips on any means of transport, be it metro, bus, tram or railway.

  • Advantages: It is cheaper than other transportation tickets and allows you to make ten trips, including transfers, within 1 hour and 15 minutes.
  • Disadvantages: If used in a group, it can only be validated once, and the rest would have to purchase another T-Casual.

T-Jove: This transport ticket is designed especially for young people between 12 and 25 years old and is valid for 90 consecutive days on any means of transport.

T-Mes: This title is similar to the T-Usual, but its validity is 30 calendar days instead of 30 consecutive days. It is ideal if you will be in the city for a few days and do not need transportation daily.

  • Advantages: Allows unlimited use of public transport throughout the month.
  • Disadvantages: It is the most expensive transportation ticket and is valid only during the current month.

T-Familiar: This transportation ticket is ideal for traveling with your family. It is valid for eight trips on any means of transport and can be used by up to 5 people simultaneously.

Hola BCN: It is a tourist and intermodal transport ticket, valid for 2, 3, 4 or 5 consecutive days. It allows unlimited trips on public transport (metro, bus, tram, Renfe) within tariff zone 1, as well as access to the Aerobús (shuttle bus that connects the city center with the airport).

  • Advantages: It allows you to use public transport unlimitedly for 2, 3, 4, or 5 consecutive days, including the journey between the airport and the city.
  • Disadvantages: It is more expensive than other transportation tickets and only valid for the selected days.

T-Dia: It is a personal and intermodal transportation ticket, valid for one calendar day. Allows unlimited trips on public transport within tariff zone 1.

  • Advantages: Allows you to make unlimited trips throughout the day.
  • Disadvantages: It is more expensive than other transportation tickets and is only valid for one day.


In general, the choice of transportation ticket will depend on the frequency of use and the needs of each person. If you are going to use public transport frequently, the T-Casual or T-Mes tickets may be cheaper. The Hola BCN may be a good option if you will be in the city for a few days.